Financial Consultation



It's a fact:

Private lending is now a global trend.

Each month, millions of dollars are traded around the world under this system  that has become the most simple and practical solution to your financing needs.


Presto platform provides a meeting place where you can  get a private loan, quick and easy, placing a real estate property of your own, or you are purchasing,  as a collateral.

Come and find a fitting private investor ready to give you a loan. 

Signing a Contract
Step 1: Warranty
Owner of a real estate property?
Are you in the process to purchase one?


Any applicant can get cash for any use he/she wants, up to 50% of the collateral property value, both fully-paid (free & clear) or being purchased with this loan.

In other words: If you need cash, own a property, or want to purchase one, and the bank does not offer a solution to you, a P2P loan might be the way you see your dreams fulfilled. Advantages? Many. Among them, that almost everything can be done online, from the comfort of your home or office.

Step 2: Request your loan
It's very simple!

You can get it with  little to none documentation, no credit check and no income verification.

 The key of everything is to appropriately assess the value of the property you are using as a collateral, so you can get as much cash as possible from it and also offer enough warranty to your investor.

Need to know HOW MUCH you can borrow?

Terms & Conditions?

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Step 3: The investor
Somebody is ready to loan money to you

Presto's model is 1:1.  In other words, to one applicant, one investor.

We do the job of finding him/she for you.

Once found, the terms of the loan are agreed. One, two, or three years?  

Likewise, and depending on the amount of the operation, is also in this moment when the fixed interest rate and loan costs are determined.

Step 4: Money!
For anything you need​


Ready. Once all the loan legal documents are processed, normally within 10 days, the transaction is formally closed.  The money you are borrowing, after deduction of expenses*, is transferred to your bank account to finance your project, solving your need, or applied to the real estate purchase you are doing.


*To be determined case by case

Step 5: Payments
Just interests, fixed, every month

The principal is paid in full at the end of the term agreed, by a single balloon payment.